Creator Sources

Wondering where to begin? Here is a few interesting links! 🙂

Mercuria’s New Creator Forum Post
Creator Program Dashboard
Tutorials in the IMVU forums
IMVU University (Dev Group)
YouTube Tutorials by DarkDeviL
ChocolateCookie’s Do’s and Don’ts of IMVU Advertising
User Advice on how to avoid Copyright Infringement By MissMaya
Digital Tutors / PluralSight – Online tutorials for software (Not Free)

Wondering where to get your software for creating?

Subscription/Payment Software – Some offer free trails but not for commercial use!
Photoshop CC – For texture or graphic creating
Autodesk 3Ds Max – 3d Mesh Software
Corel Paintshop PRO / Corel Draw Software – For texture or graphic creating

Free Software
Gimp – For texture or graphic creating
Blender – 3d Mesh Software

REMEMBER: Creating for IMVU is considered commercial use.
Always read your software’s Terms of Use before using it for commercial use to avoid problems in the long run.
Always use full versions of your software: Full paid versions of your software come supported by the software company that made them.
Illegal, hacked, cracked or otherwise incomplete versions of your software can be very unreliable.
If you intend to “cash out” and get paid for your creating, the least you can do is invest in legal, supported software.