MissMaya – LoveStory – F.A.Q


This F.A.Q attempts to answer some of the most frequently asked questions/concerns about my catalogues.

Can you make me an exclusive product or a custom? – Can you make this product of yours in another color? – Can you make me a certain outfit in a certain size or in prego?
The only customs I make are custom eyes, to check the status of my exclusive eye shop in IMVU group Deadliest Virtues click here.
I do not make any other kind of customs, I do not take requests at all.
his means: No recolors, no resizes, no prego. Sorry.

Can you make me my wedding dress / wedding rings?
Nope, no customs or requests.

Can you tell me who I can ask to make me the custom (insert type of product here)?
Sorry but I am not an IMVU directory, chances are I don’t know, either.

Can you change this product to my taste?
No, I do not change products once they are published as a policy.
Unless it is to correct a fault or defect I have overlooked upon submission.

How do I become a designer/creator?
Check my list of sources here.

Can you teach me to be a creator?
No. You don’t need a teacher, you need to take some iniciative and learn yourself… Like everyone else.
Start with my creator sources here.

Can you sponsor my club/group/magazine? Can you grant my magazine an interview?
No, sorry but I no longer do marketing and I find interviews very invasive.

The KBS count for this product is awfully high…
Most of my individual products are under 1MB (1000kbs). KB counting is a thing of the past and my products will only give you trouble if you use a prehistoric computer or mobile device.
I generally use HD meshes, which are heavier but boast amazing quality and realism for my textures.
IMVU, as any 3D platform or game, has minimum graphic and ram requirements to run smoothly. If you aren’t updated, you will have problems loading most modern HD products… and things will only get “heavier” in the future.

Can you be my mommy/twin/sister?
Absolutely not.

Do you have any other creator accounts?
I have two alternative accounts called LoveStory and Clayre. They are the only other IMVU accounts I own me apart from MissMaya, at least at the moment.

Is (insert creator username here) your alt account?
Is it LoveStory, Clayre or MissMaya?
Then no.

Are the TiaraStone and/or Motero accounts, yours?
TiaraStone and Motero happen to be my husband’s accounts, he is a mesher on IMVU and we are two different people.

Can you sell me these textures from your shop? – Do you have textures for sale at all? – Do you have an IMVU filesales group?
I don’t sell the textures from products in my imvu catalog. I have textures for sale on my sellfy account Here. If it is not in my sellfy, then I won’t sell it. I do not currently own any IMVU filesale groups, since I do not like to sell files on the IMVU site.
Chances are, if you see one of my latest outfits in someone else’s catalog, its stolen.

Can you sell me files for credits instead of cash? – I don’t have a paypal account, so I can’t buy from Sellfy!
For now, I only sell files off site from IMVU in my Sellfy shop.
If you dont currently own a Paypal account, you can make one here.
Won’t or can’t make a paypal account? Then I am sorry but you cannot purchase my files.

Can you make me a DP (display picture)?
No, sorry, I don’t make art on commission.

I really want a set eyes that are on “display only” in your catalog, please sell them to me!?
No, anything that is currently “unavailable” or “Sold Out” will never be for sale again.
Order your own here but only if my shop if open. If it isn’t then you will have to wait until it is.

Why are you always “unavailable”?
When I am logged on to IMVU, I am probably creating new content for my wonderful customers.
Takes up a lot of my free time, the rest is for my real life.

Can you gift me something from my wishlist?
Nope, buy your own shit.


xoxo – MISSMAYA 2016-2017